Here's Chircle!

A new way to give to charity each month with your circle of friends.

We're now accepting payments!

Giving made easy

Take control over your monthly charitable giving, all from your browser.

Choose a fixed amount you'd like to give to charity.

Divide it up however you want.

Add and remove charities or change the percentage you give to each at any time.

A piece of cake

Split a fixed monthly amount between several charities and causes.

Tight month? Drop it to zero at any time.

Feeling flush? Give a one-off gift without the painful credit card forms.

Include what you already give and keep track of your giving.

Let your friends give for you

Help your friends raise money for the causes they are passionate about.

Allocate a percentage of your monthly giving to a friend.

They get to choose how it is spent. They keep track of world events and niche charities so you don't have to.

Get an email each month to say where your monthly giving went and discover new and inspirational charity projects.